10 steps to finding the perfect essential oils for mosquito bites

Mosquitoes have become the most difficult insects to get rid of since they tend to be active both at dusk and dawn. However, nearly everyone, both the aged and toddlers are sensitive to mosquito bites and reacts differently to the bites.

Finding the essential oil may be an uphill task if you aren't at per with the guidelines to the same. Here are a few tips to finding perfect essential oils for mosquito bites:

  1. Research on the essential oil

There are so many essential oils that serve to treat different bites other than mosquito bites. It is important to know that your choice of essential oil fully is your responsibility. The food and Drug Administration does not monitor essential oils so do a lot of product research based on the qualities and purity before deciding on what to purchase.

  1. Seek medical advise

It is through consulting a doctor or physician that you will be sure that the bite you are about to treat is even a mosquito bite.  Doctors are able to detect mosquito bites by sight and differentiate them from that of another insect reason why you need their advice when you want a perfect essential oil.

Mosquito bites include soft bumps on the skin that usually become pink, red, and itchy after the mosquitoes puncture the skin. A firm dark-red bump may appear the next day after the bite.

  1. Determine the age of the person to use the oil

Different essential oils are available to the different age groups of people. If you are looking for an essential oil to treat your child's mosquito bites, for instance, you will need a certain percentage, and adults as well do not need more than 1/8 tsp.

Different percentages are also recommended for certain ages of children for instance, 2% of essential oil is supposed to be used on children with two-six years old. The same percentage cannot apply to adults and infants. Do not use essential oils on infants or toddlers.

  1. The scent of the essential oil

Certain oil like Lavender, peppermint, and basil oils have natural scents that are appealing to humans but not mosquitoes thus they go a long way to serve you as protection even if they are present in your yard.

There are some smells that mosquitoes love as well so having them around you possess danger to yourself and family.

  1. Type of effect you want to treat

Mosquito bites tend to react differently to other people's skin.  You may want to prevent mosquito gnat from chowing down on you or just soothe an itchy part, different essential oils are designed to serve these functions.

As well there are intense bites effects that may leave scars on your skin or cause it to change color and appear reddish or pinkish. There are different oils designed to treat and replenish out the scar.

  1. Effects of the essential oil on your skin

Some essential oils do cause sensitivities in people and may cause a lot of discomfort. There should be no irritation or further discomfort upon the use of the essential oil and if so, discontinue the use of the drug and opt to get a different one.

Isopropyl essential oil for instance reacts harshly and is made from petrochemicals that can irritate the skin and lungs.

  1. Mode of application

There are essential oils that are gel-like in nature; these are applied directly on the skin while some are in form of sprays. Mosquitoes enjoy biting through the weaves, socks, or even shirts. You may be looking for an essential oil that can be sprayed on the clothes. Identify the function of the essential oil and place of its application. Some are also applied using cotton; ensure you get the correct prescription before use.

  1. Purchase a small portion of the essential oil and have a test on your skin to ensure that the product you are about to purchase does not impose many effects on you before you decide on spending much on a bigger jar.

If the oil reacts negatively with your skin, purchase another, or get advice from the pharmacist.

  1. Inquire on the cost; the amount of money to be spent on purchasing the essential oil is also an important step since you need to be financially capable and not strain over it. 
  2.  Check on the ingredients of the essential oil since some ingredients may react with your skin. For instance, a person with blood pressure or pregnant mothers has a certain irritation reaction to some oil ingredients.

Finally, the best way to treat mosquito bites is to find a way to get rid of mosquitoes before they attack you or even get close to you. You might reconsider learning some preventive measures so that you are safe from the effects or diseases that are accompanied by the bites.

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Directives on the use;

  • Spray on the body
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  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For external use only
  • Not recommended for children under 36 months