10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Essential Oil Hand Sanitiser

Throughout our daily activities and daily encounters, we involve our hands in the activities and expose them to harmful germs and bacteria.

Amid the current pandemic, the use of hand sanitiser is ranked second after hand washing on the hygiene ladder, highly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the World Health Organization.

Hand sanitiser are also known as hand antiseptic, hand rubs are available in different forms such as liquid, gel, or foam, and are applied to hands purposefully to remove pathogens. Essential oil hand sanitiser not only play an important role in battling germs but also offer you aromatherapeutic benefits.

Essential oil hand sanitiser

Check to ensure that the hand sanitiser you are about to purchase is 60% or 70% alcohol-based. Ensure you read carefully through the ingredients.

Composition of essential oil hand sanitiser

  • Alcohol

This is the key ingredient in all alcohol-based  sanitiser and the Centers for Disease Control recommends that the  sanitiser contain not less than 60% alcohol content. This is for effective disinfecting and germs elimination.

  • Aloe Vera Leaf juice

Ensure you buy a product with natural aloe vera gel, this is for your skin protection and moisturize.

  • Essential oils

Essential oil might not be present in all hand  sanitiser however it's beneficial as it restores the lost moisture and nutrients and as well leaves your hand with a nice and fresh fragrance.

Essential oils also support the alcohol’s germs fighting mission by offering antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

  • Vitamin E

This ingredient helps restore the skin's lost moisture and replenishes the skin's nutrients.

  • Glycerin

This ingredient serves as a blend to the essential oil and alcohol and functions to add moisture and a protective layer to your skin.

 Each employer to ensure safety and protect the health of their employees by ensuring hand sanitiser is available and easily accessible to them at any time. Some of the ways which employers can promote maintain good health in their workplace include;

  • Providing hand sanitiser at the entrance and exits. One can get infected just by holding or touching the doorknob, light switches, and other high touch surfaces. The employers should help maintain good health by disinfecting the surfaces and placing hand sanitiser at the centers.
  • Placing hand sanitiser at the cafeterias, food courts, and breaks room. These are the hotspot of germs and can only be avoided by maintaining high standards of hygiene. Ensure food is consumed with germ-ridden hands to avoid digesting germs
  • Meeting rooms; these rooms are often packed with employees operating differently. One can easily swipe germs to the other through a simple handshake and this can only be avoided by providing them with easy-to-access hand sanitiser
  • Employees desks; it will be very difficult for one to ignore disinfecting the hands of the hand sanitiser is placed at his desk not unless the person is ignorant. This will even serve the guest visiting the employee.
  • High traffic areas; identify high traffic areas like the entrance of air-ports, mall hallways, and recreational centers. By providing hand sanitiser at these spots, the reputation of the places is also improved.

Here are a few and easy tips to guide you on how to apply hand sanitiser;

  • Ensure that your hands are not visibly dirty or greasy
  • Apply gel on the palm of your hand
  • Rub generously until you fully cover your hands from the wrist down to your fingertips.
  • Keep rubbing until the solution seems to have dried up
  • Do not wash away or wipe off your hands after the whole process

Best reasons to use essential oil hand sanitiser

Is it even important to sanitize your workplace and hands? The answer is yes, the following are some of the importance of essential hand sanitiser that will get you to sanitize at every second;

  1. The essential oil present in the hand sanitiser is a desirable ingredient that increases the effectiveness of the hand sanitiser.
  2. Typically alcohol leaves the skin dry, due to the presence of aloe vera and glycerin and other moisture replenishing solutions, essential oils further soothe the dry and chapped skin and restore the lost nutrients.
  3. Your essential oil hand sanitiser improves your sanitiser effectiveness by supporting the alcohol solution in fighting germs and viruses.
  4. Essential oils come with an appealing fragrance that promotes relaxation, mood boost, and concentration that help the skin and boost your confidence as well. This is the most outstanding feature in the hand sanitiser.
  5. The oil present in the essential oil hand sanitiser is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  6. The patented bottle design of essential oil hand sanitiser makes them very portable. It’s packaged in a way to suit travel needs anytime and anywhere.
  7. Essential hand sanitiser are human friendly due to its scents. It leaves no bad scent on the hands thus you can consume food or even prepare food upon sanitizing.
  8. Research has identified certain pathogens such as salmonella and staphylococcus aureus on paper money. These can be eliminated by using essential oil hand sanitiser especially in places where you are unable to access water and soap easily.
  9. Essential oil hand sanitiser can be placed anywhere, in the house, or at the workplaces can be mounted on the walls due to their packaging that occupies less space.
  10. Essential oil hand sanitiser are skin-friendly. The oil will help prevent skin dryness thus reduces allergic reactions.

    Buy Essential Ethical Hospital Strength Isopropyl hand sanitiser

    This is an essential hand sanitiser that is Hospital Grade Formulation, made and owned in Australia. It serves best for hand sanitization. The hand sanitiser has amazing features which include the following;

    • Gel sanitiser that is nonsticky
    • Contains 75% alcohol Isopropyl Alcohol-Based as tested in Australia
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
    • Made and owned in Australia
    • 500ml bottles are supplied with a pump upon purchase
    • 1 Litre bottle comes with no pump just a cap for refilling smaller bottles.

     The next time you are in the market looking for an essential oil hand sanitiser, make Essential Ethical your best choice.